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Recipes: Post long run dinners for every hemisphere

Shrimp and white bean stew

After a long run where you have really depleted your system and need to refill your energy tanks, a good meal that is both satisfying and tastes great is essential to your recovery. What you eat depends on the season: after a long run in the summer, you crave something drastically different than the same […]

Recipe: how to build a healthy pizza


What’s for dinner tonight? If you’re in my house, the answer is likely pizza. When I tell my family and friends that I eat pizza several times a week, they look at me slightly puzzled. Surely it can’t be healthy to eat bread and cheese as dinner staples on the regular. Right? Thing is, if […]

Uncooked Dinners for Busy Runners

no cook dinners

I don’t know about you, but as the weather warms up, my meals get a little less hearty. I tend to favor easy-to-assemble dishes that require zero time in the oven. Do you find yourself in the same boat? Actually, there are many benefits to eating uncooked foods, especially certain vegetables. For example, raw garlic […]

Making dinners easy for runners


For me, dinner isn’t too hard to get wrong. I’m an afternoon runner, so by the time dinner rolls around, I’m more than ready for it, too. What does present a challenge regarding this evening meal is the planning involved. Unless I plan ahead — or even do a lot of the prep ahead — […]