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Cutting back on alcohol during training? Here are some tips to handle social situations

Detox in the new year: managing social situations without alcohol

December is a month of festivities, and every weekend seems to bring some opportunity for eating, drinking, and being merry. Unfortunately for runners who are training through the winter, this month can be a serious stumbling block. Alcohol and running don’t mix well, and so excessive or incorrectly-timed alcohol consumption can really screw up our […]

I’m supposed to run but … I’m hungover. What do I do? (practical running advice)

I'm supposed to run but ... I'm hungover.

THE PROBLEM: Your friends invite you to happy hour and you cautiously accept their invitation. You have a long run scheduled in the morning, but surely you’ll be OK if you only have one drink. But you’re having a good time and before you know it, one drink turns into two … then three… or more. […]