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Running safety: see (and be seen) when running in the dark

Safety tips for running in the dark

It’s official: the light-filled days of summer have ended. Morning runners have likely noticed the sun doesn’t come up quite as early. Before too long, evening runners will be in the darkness, too. Running in the dark presents several challenges – the main one being you can’t see in front of you. If you’ve ever […]

Don’t be too busy to run: tips for fitting it all in this fall

How not to be "too busy" to run: fitting in running when times get hectic

The lazy days of summer are nearly over. School has started back up. Lives feel more hectic and busy, and daylight hours are continually shrinking. Here are some tips for those of us with to-do lists a mile long and those who need a little extra prodding. Wake-up earlier Setting your alarm clock an hour earlier […]

Take your running up a notch this fall

Take your running up a notch

Summer vacations are over and the kids are back in school. A sense of normalcy has returned, and many of us are eager to get back into our running routines as well. But why not kick your old running routine up a notch? Thanks to cooler temperatures, fall is the perfect time to take your […]

Transitional running gear: summer to fall

Agility exercises for runners

Summer may be “unofficially” over but for many of us there are still plenty of hot and humid days ahead – mixed amongst the chillier fall mornings. Dressing for runs can be confusing, which is why it helps to have several transitional pieces in your running wardrobe. Here are some picks for summer-to-fall running clothes that can help bridge […]

5 training goals for fall that don’t include a marathon

Running goals for fall that don't include a marathon

As the summer comes to a close, many runners are in the height of fall marathon training — logging 20 milers, taking ice baths, carbo-loading, etc. But if you’re not one of these runners, it can be easy to feel left behind in all the mania. But, as we’ve said before, marathons aren’t the ultimate test for runners, and […]