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Why so serious? Inject some fun into your run

Inject some fun in your running

Fun is a word associated with running not often enough. Why? For starters, runners tend to be very serious about their training, about their times, about their race schedules, about what they eat , wear, and drink. We don’t want to get injured and are constantly looking at improving. Where’s the room for fun? Plus, […]

The most fun races for non-runners

The most fun races for non-runners

Maybe you want to get your BFF hooked on running. Perhaps you’re planning a bachelor or bachelorette party weekend and you feel like kicking it off in a healthy way. Or maybe you yearn to start a new family tradition this holiday season. People who are self-proclaimed “non-runners” are toeing the start lines of races fairly […]

The basics of adventure races

Spartan Race

Chances are if you haven’t participated in one of the many adventure runs in your area, you’ve at least heard about these crazy events that go beyond simple running and into the extreme. Maybe you’ve seen photos of your nearest and dearest friends covered entirely in mud in your Facebook feed. Perhaps you’ve seen photos […]