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Running gear essentials: what you really need

Essentials for runners

  When getting started with running, it can be tempting to get carried away by bloggers and retailers recommending long lists of gear and gadgets that will make you a better, faster, more efficient runner. But the big secret is most of that stuff is completely non-essential. In fact, the list of things you really […]

Top 5 picks for summer running gear

picks for summer running gear

We’re in the middle of those long summer days that we’ll be wishing for fondly come January. Every day is sunny, warm, and it sometimes seems like there’s light no matter what time you head out for your run. To celebrate these blissful days of summer, we’ve compiled a list of five of our favorite […]

Why you may need to get fitted for running shoes … again

The distance of your long run: how far should you run?

I had a baby this past spring, and something odd happened when I made my postpartum return to running: the outside of both my feet started hurting. One side was way worse than the other, so I assumed I’d done too much, too soon and got injured. But the root of the problem was even […]