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Expert Q&A: post-half marathon recovery tips

Tips to help you recover from a half marathon

It’s the day after a half marathon and you are sore in places you’ve never been sore before. It’s time to focus on recovery! But what does this mean and what exactly should you do? We asked three coaches – Jason Saltmarsh, Theresa Kavouras, and Denny Krahe – to share their tips. And while there’s no one […]

Runner’s column: why I don’t want to run a marathon

Runner's Column: why I don't want to run a marathon

The question I continually get from my running and non-running friends when discussing races and distance training is always the same: When are you running a marathon? And my answer has slowly migrated into a very confident zone: Not soon and maybe not ever. For some runners, this may seem sacrilegious. The marathon for any distance […]

5 training goals for fall that don’t include a marathon

Running goals for fall that don't include a marathon

As the summer comes to a close, many runners are in the height of fall marathon training — logging 20 milers, taking ice baths, carbo-loading, etc. But if you’re not one of these runners, it can be easy to feel left behind in all the mania. But, as we’ve said before, marathons aren’t the ultimate test for runners, and […]

Race recap: Bridge Run Half Marathon


I had a lot of feelings going into my half marathon – The Greater Binghamton Bridge Run – the last weekend. I ran this same race last year and had 2-minute PR. It’s a hometown race, so there’s a lot of pride involved. Heck, the course even meanders right past my home. I train the […]

13 reasons you should run a half marathon instead of a full


Running is a hot item on those resolutions lists. A common goal? To run a marathon in 2014. It’s certainly shooting high and thinking big. I think all runners can have fun training and running this quintessential distance event. However, a lot of new (and old) runners skip over an important milestone in their journey […]