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Injury-prone? It’s the worst. Here are 5 tips to stay healthy

Injury-prone and no solution in site? Try this.

What’s that? You’re following our rules for injury prevention to a T, but you’re still ending up hurt? We’ve been there, too! If you’re one of the unlucky runners who always seems to get hurt, these tips are for you. Know your own limits. It’s great your neighbor can run 70-mile weeks and not get […]

Study: The factors that increase runners’ risk for injury

What I learned from *only* running for a few months

During training for your first marathon, it was your IT band. Last spring, it was your piriformis. Now you suspect plantar fasciitis is behind the pain in your feet. Sound familiar? Injury is all too common among runners, with 70 percent of us getting hurt at some point during our running careers. However, some runners seem to […]

Painkillers and running: do they mix?

Pain killers and running: do they mix?

“No pain, no gain.” That’s how the saying goes. In part it’s true. If you want to become a better runner you have to push past your comfort zone – which hurts! (Of course, it’s not a good idea to run through all types of pain. Read more here.) Running through discomfort is easier said […]