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I am unable to quit because I am currently too legit

Too legit to quit

Remember to keep running. You’re too legit to quit. Photo: Unsplash

Runner’s Column: Why I’ll keep running no matter what

Runner's Column: Why I'll keep Running No Matter What

Earlier this month, an incredibly sad story popped up all over my social media feeds: Amanda Peake Glover, a mother of four, tragically passed away after completing the Palmetto half marathon. At this time, it is not known why she passed away. Glover’s family is in our thoughts and prayers. This story hit close to home. […]

Don’t give up on running this winter

Don't give up on running this winter

We’ve cranked the thermostat up, put on all sorts of extra layers, and swapped our athletic shorts for fleece-lined tights. Buckle up, my dear runner friends, it’s going to be a long, slippery ride. But as many of us breathe that collective sigh of utter disdain for cold and snowy weather plodding, I implore you […]