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How long should your longest run of marathon training be?

The distance of your long run: how far should you run?

Whether you’re training for your first marathon or your 10th, the weekly long run likely comes with a lot of angst. How fast should you run your long runs? How many long runs should you do? And, finally, how long should your longest run be? Most conventional marathon training plans call for peaking with a […]

4 reasons long runs go bad

4 reasons long runs go bad

When I’m headed out for a long run, there’s one item I won’t leave home without: my phone. And not just because I need to use the WalkJogRun app. I always carry my phone because I may bonk, get heat exhaustion, cramp up, or run out of fuel and need to call my husband to […]

Mental tricks for the long run

Don't quit on your goals

You’ve heard it many times before: Running is as much as mental sport as it is physical. When you get into running those longer than long runs, you understand this phrase a whole lot better. Regardless the workout, there are some mind-tricks that can help make the time go by faster. But what about those double-digits runs? […]

Marathon training: Fitting in the long run

Skipping the big race for the local race

I love half marathons. I love the race distance and I love the training. But whenever I make the leap to the full, it’s a whole other ballgame. Why? Because marathon training rules your life. It’s a huge time commitment. On paper, the difference between a 12-miler (my longest typical training run in half marathon […]

The Long Run


Definition of long runs Long runs are exactly what they sound like: they’re you’re longest run of the week. The goal of long runs is to prepare you to complete the distance of a race. The length of long runs progressively increases each week throughout training. For instance, when marathon training, your long run may […]