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How to make time to train for a marathon – without letting it run your life

How to train for a marathon without letting it run your life

There’s a saying in the running world that marathon training is the real endurance event and the actual race is just a victory lap. Signing up to run a marathon is a big commitment because of the training. You’ll need to put in four months or so of tough workouts just to get to the […]

5 (unconventional) ways to spice up your runs

Blood tests for runners: are there benefits?

A few days ago, I was with my (nearly) 3-year-old daughter, Ada, on the deck. She was munching on apple slices and asking me to tell her about one of her favorite things, the moon. A person realizes how little he knows about the world when a toddler asks him about it. “Talk about the moon? […]

Marathon training and sleep needs

Tired? 8 quick ways to boost your energy TODAY

Tempo runs, track workouts, long runs – check! Race registration – complete! Shiny, new running shoes – purchased! But when getting everything in order for race day, don’t neglect one vital training tool: sleep. Why you need to catch your zzz’s I don’t think we need to argue why sleep is important – everyone knows […]

How long should I run before training for a marathon?

can i train for a marathon?

After what happened during the Boston Marathon in 2013, one of my good friend’s was inspired to take up running and racing. But she didn’t want to race just any distance – she wanted to run a marathon. I was so excited for her until she told me the race she wanted to do was […]

It’s marathon training time: what’s the plan?

Marathon training time: picking a marathon training plan

Last year around this same time I made some grand declarations about running a fall marathon. Life got in the way, and I never did make it to the start of the race. This year, a lot more is at stake. We know we’d like to add to our family soon, so this is sort […]

Training for two marathons a couple weeks (or months) apart


I’m running the New York City marathon this November, and I’m also running the Disney World marathon in January. These two races are a mere 9 weeks apart. In theory, I’ll have plenty of time to recover from marathon number #1 and prep for marathon #2, but the short turnaround time makes me a bit […]