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Whatever your 2016 goal, we have an article for that

Tips for accomplishing your 2016 goals.

It’s a new year, and for many of us that means new goals – scary goals – but don’t get overwhelmed. We’re here to help! If your goal is … … to start running (YAY!) … Then the WalkJogRun Guide for Beginner Runners has you covered. It includes tips for training for your first race, selecting the right shoe, and more. Also, these commonly […]

Tips for balancing running and strength training

How to balance running and strength training

At the start of every training plan, I have the best of intentions. I always vow to strength train regularly to prevent injuries and build speed. Usually, I’m good about sticking to a weightlifting regimen for the first few weeks. But eventually all the long runs, speedwork sessions, and lifting begin to take their toll on my […]

Runner’s column: why I don’t want to run a marathon

Runner's Column: why I don't want to run a marathon

The question I continually get from my running and non-running friends when discussing races and distance training is always the same: When are you running a marathon? And my answer has slowly migrated into a very confident zone: Not soon and maybe not ever. For some runners, this may seem sacrilegious. The marathon for any distance […]

Things you’ll want at the start (and finish) of a marathon

Gear Check: What to Pack for Race Day

When I ran my first marathon, I made a big mistake – I didn’t pack another pair of shoes in my gear check bag. After pounding the pavement in my running shoes for 26.2 miles, I wanted them off of my feet – stat! Unfortunately, it was close to another two hours before I arrived […]

Post-marathon recovery plan


Your marathon training plan comes to an end with the completion of the race. But once you cross the finish line, another challenge begins: Recovery from the marathon. Recovery from a marathon is no easy feat. While it may be tempting to kick your feet up and relax in the days following your race, that’s not […]

Marathon training and sleep needs

Tired? 8 quick ways to boost your energy TODAY

Tempo runs, track workouts, long runs – check! Race registration – complete! Shiny, new running shoes – purchased! But when getting everything in order for race day, don’t neglect one vital training tool: sleep. Why you need to catch your zzz’s I don’t think we need to argue why sleep is important – everyone knows […]

You can’t do it all – and it’s OK

You can't do it all in training - and that's OK!

I had good intentions when I created my New York City Marathon training plan. This race is important to me, so I wanted to do everything in my power to ensure it goes well. And I really mean everything. By trying to do it all you may accomplish nothing at all The first iteration of […]

How long should I run before training for a marathon?

can i train for a marathon?

After what happened during the Boston Marathon in 2013, one of my good friend’s was inspired to take up running and racing. But she didn’t want to race just any distance – she wanted to run a marathon. I was so excited for her until she told me the race she wanted to do was […]

It’s marathon training time: what’s the plan?

Marathon training time: picking a marathon training plan

Last year around this same time I made some grand declarations about running a fall marathon. Life got in the way, and I never did make it to the start of the race. This year, a lot more is at stake. We know we’d like to add to our family soon, so this is sort […]

How to avoid hitting the wall and bonking in a marathon

How to avoid hitting the wall

Confession time: I’ve registered for four, started three, but only completed two marathons. Sadly, I’m not proud of either of my two marathon finishes. Things were going well until mile 18 in both races and then I fell apart. My energy was sapped and I could barely move my legs. My pace tanked and it […]