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Winter is coming, be ready

Preparing for winter running, now

Many runners say they dread winter and that the coldest months of the year are usually when they run the least or – gasp! – hit the treadmill. But don’t psych yourself out – psych yourself up! Winter running doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Mentally preparing for winter starts now, before the last leaves fall on […]

Why you should set goals that scare you


Sometimes in our running careers, we need to be a little bit gentler on ourselves – relaxing our often harsh, high standards of our own performance and quieting that little critical voice in our heads. But other times, you need to take the complete opposite approach. If you’re stuck in a rut, if you’re lacking motivation, if your […]

Runner’s Column: gaining a sense of control over good vs. evil


Growing up, I had a fond fascination with the creepy, the crawly, the scaly and the macabre. I can’t blame my dad for feeding my mind with cheesy 80s creature features. Pirannah, Alligator, Critters, Godzilla … they all ended the same way, too. Some hero or anti-hero saved the girl, the family, the town, the world, and defeated the […]

A daytime runner starts running at night – and sees the light

Need a new perspective on running? Try a different time of day. One runner switches to night time running and it makes all the difference.

Confession: I lied to my wife. More like stretched the truth. You see, a few months back, when I said “I’m going to run a few miles,” I secretly ran more than a few miles. I was gone for about 30 minutes, so you can imagine me comfortably running 7:45 – 8:15 minute miles, taking in […]

Don’t give up on running this winter

Don't give up on running this winter

We’ve cranked the thermostat up, put on all sorts of extra layers, and swapped our athletic shorts for fleece-lined tights. Buckle up, my dear runner friends, it’s going to be a long, slippery ride. But as many of us breathe that collective sigh of utter disdain for cold and snowy weather plodding, I implore you […]

Small (but effective) goals for runners for 2015

Small goals. Big results. Simple, attainable, and effective resolutions for runners.

The key to good resolution-making is choosing simple and specific goals that are both measurable and tangible. Keeping a positive attitude is another big factor on the path to success. And you don’t have to go all out, either. Here are a few small goals to fit onto your lists. Get a physical. Too often we […]