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Runner’s Column: pregnancy, recovery, and running

Runner's column: pregnancy, recovery, and running

Our writer Lisa Chase gave birth to her daughter this past spring. We’re beyond excited for her and her family (though we have missed her words of wisdom around these parts!) Below she shares her experience on pregnancy, recovery, and how having a baby changed her relationship with – and views on – running.  When I found […]

Yoga modifications while pregnant

Yoga can be a wonderful de-stressor and time for bonding with your baby. However, pregnancy will naturally change your practice once you’re expecting. Below are modifications to keep in mind as you move through the next nine months. (As always, consult your doctor about exercise as it specifically relates to your unique pregnancy and needs.) FIRST […]

Our top 5 books for pregnant runners

Running with diabetes

Finding unbiased resources for pregnant runners can be a challenge. Sure, there’s a lot of anecdotal information out there in forums and blogs, but all of these should be taken with a grain of salt.  Here are some books that can help you know what to expect with your running when expecting: Runner’s World Guide To […]

A message to pregnant runners: do what’s right for you

Pregnant runners: do what's right for you

Some of you likely saw The New York Times article about elite women running through pregnancy. And this spotlight on exercise during pregnancy is definitely a positive thing, showing women no longer need to lay down and rest the whole nine months. Pregnancy isn’t some ailment that needs to be treated with such caution. It’s certainly […]

Practicing yoga when pregnant

Benefits of practicing yoga when pregnant

Yoga is a great complement to running and nearly every runner can benefit from the stretching and toning yoga provides. But yoga is especially nice for expectant moms. Here are just a few of the benefits yoga provides moms-to-be: Builds strength. Practicing yoga helps build strength and stability. The counterbalance of these two actions can help […]

The benefits of exercise during pregnancy

Benefits of exercising when pregnant

Before getting pregnant this spring I knew I wanted to be an active mom-to-be. I ran, did yoga, and cycled prior to getting pregnant so it never occurred to me I wouldn’t continue some type of exercise routine once I got that little plus sign. The standard guidelines for exercise while pregnant are 30 minutes […]

My first race back: July 4th Spectacular 4-miler

First race back after pregnancy

It has been a long time since I ran my heart out. One full year to be exact. I ran the July 4th Spectacular 4-miler in Charlotte, N.C. for the past 5 years. Last year (here’s my 2013 recap of the race) was the last time I truly raced all out because I got pregnant […]

How soon can you run after giving birth?

running after birth

I was running again three weeks after my son was born. Which sounds crazy, I know. That first run was slow but I had zero aches and pains, so I didn’t look back. In hindsight, I had no idea how fortunate I was. I was lucky enough to have an active pregnancy, an “easy” delivery, […]

Running during pregnancy: the third trimester


I feel like I just shared my second trimester running experience with you – I guess it was only 5 weeks ago! Still, I feel the need to tell you all about my third trimester running experience now – at 30 weeks pregnant – while I’m still able to run. At 30 weeks, I’m feeling […]

Running during pregnancy: the second trimester


I shared my first trimester running experience with you and since then, things have moved right along. I’m now 25 weeks pregnant and still running well. I know I’m extremely lucky to be in this position – not every woman is able to run this far along whether it’s due to health complications or discomfort. […]