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How to add protein to your smoothies without the powder

Beyond powder: 8 ways to add protein to your smoothies

Protein powders and shakes are costly, aren’t they? They also taste sort of, well, artificial. But there are plenty of whole food smoothie recipes out there that get their protein from other sources so you can save your dollars for that fall half marathon registration. Here’s a comprehensive list of awesome recipes to try this morning […]

Spotlight: Eggs


There are lots of foods athletes should incorporate into their diets, but I’d say chief among them are eggs. Runner’s World includes eggs in their 15 best foods for runners list – so you know they have to be good for you. And if you’ve followed the Paleo diet that is sweeping the nation – along with any […]

Recipe: 5-ingredient no-bake protein bars


Looking for a nutritious and satisfying pre- or post-workout snack? Try these delicious no-bake protein bars! With just five simple ingredients, this recipe is both inexpensive and quick to make. Seriously, it took me like five minutes flat to mix together. You’ll see an asterisk beside the protein powder because you can use whatever you […]