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Pre-race meal: fish and vegetables


My fueling before a long run (12+ miles) or a race – usually a half marathon – is a bit different than what most runners may use but through trial and error I have discovered this is what works for me. Fueling for an early morning race (usually 8 a.m.) means a hearty dinner usually […]

Pre-race meal: zucchini carbonara

Pre-race meal: zucchini carbonara

I love food but I don’t usually hand-source all of the ingredients for my meals from various bakers, cheesemongers, and charcuteries. But my pre-race meal is a ritual, and it involves nearly all of those things. It starts on a highly-trafficked street market in Amsterdam’s equivalent of the Latin Quarter. The Albert Cuyp market is […]

Recipe: “Get-yo-greens-in” smoothie

Get your greens in winter smoothie

Winter is just around the corner, which means not only is it getting colder and the daylight hours are shrinking, but fresh produce is harder to come by. Plus, on chilly days you’re more inclined to hang with a loaf of bread versus a kale salad. This tasty smoothie packs an impressive serving of fruits and vegetables […]

Pre-run breakfasts to please every palate

Fuel yourself with homemade (healthy) bagel sandwiches.

Have you ever set off on a run only to discover a half mile in that you totally didn’t eat enough to fuel yourself? It happens to me — a lot. Especially on those early morning runs when I feel too groggy to whip up something small in the kitchen. It’s the worst on race […]

Recipe: healthy blueberry muffins with flax meal and Greek yogurt

Healthy breakfast recipe for on-the-go runner: blueberry muffin

This past Monday, we gushed about blueberries and the plethora of health benefits they offer runners. And since August is peak blueberry season, chances are you have a cup or two in your kitchen waiting to be used up. If not, go grab a pint or two from your nearest store before it’s too late! These […]

Recipe: cucumber and green onion salad

Healthy summer salad recipe: cucumber vinegar green onion salad

Summer dishes are all about being quick and no-fuss. If they don’t require an oven, all the better. That’s why I love simple summer salads like potato salad and chickpea salad. But sometimes you want something really refreshing and super light. That’s where the wonderful cucumber comes into play. We just talked about the benefits […]

Recipe: 5-ingredient no-bake protein bars


Looking for a nutritious and satisfying pre- or post-workout snack? Try these delicious no-bake protein bars! With just five simple ingredients, this recipe is both inexpensive and quick to make. Seriously, it took me like five minutes flat to mix together. You’ll see an asterisk beside the protein powder because you can use whatever you […]

Recipe: curried lentil soup with spinach (early spring soup)

Recipe: curried lentil soup with spinach (early spring soup)

The weather here in the Rockies can’t make up its mind. On Sunday I walked around without a jacket and yesterday morning I ran in the snow with the wind whipping my face and making my eyes tear up. I’m sick of winter but it keeps holding on. So, I hold on too. By making […]

“Not another green juice” juice


Last month, Ashley shared a recipe for green juice. I, too, am a big fan of juicing. A couple times a week I start my day with a juice prior to pumping my body full of caffeine. From time to time I can even forgo my morning latte if I’ve had a juice (sometimes). Juicing, […]

Recipe: zucchini noodle “pasta”


Last week I bought a new kitchen gadget. Honestly I’m not really one to buy gadgets. I don’t feel the need for all those fancy tools. Even my popsicle molds that were used to make these watermelon and cucumber popsicles felt extravagant. When I create recipes I like them to be accessible to everyone, using […]