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Holiday recipe round-up 2015: desserts

Recipe round-up 2015: desserts

After the drinks, the apps, and the main course, finish your feast on a sweet note. Try one of these dessert ideas at your next holiday gathering or share a favorite of your own in the comments below. Easy Vegan and Gluten Free Apple Pie from Pickles & Honey 4 Ingredient Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream from The […]

Holiday recipe round-up 2015: entrees

Entrees and main dishes: recipe round-up 2015

After the drinks and apps it’s on to the main course. Try one of these entrees at your next holiday gathering or share a favorite of your own in the comments below. White Lentil Risotto with Mushrooms from My New Roots Comfort Spinach Egg Casserole from Noshing with the Nolands Roasted Squash + Chestnut Sauté and […]

Holiday recipe round-up 2015: appetizers

Holiday recipe round-up: Appetizers & Small Bites

After some holiday cocktails (or mocktails) – it’s time for the food. First up, appetizers. Try one of these app ideas at your next holiday gathering or share a favorite of your own in the comments below. Skillet Roasted Cauliflower with Bread Crumbs from Shutterbean Butternut Squash Hummus from Minimalist Baker Roasted Delicata Squash and Cranberry […]

Holiday recipe round-up 2015: drinks

Holiday recipe round-up 2015: cocktails and mocktails and drinks

There’s nothing like a delicious cocktail (or mocktail) during the holiday season. Below are a few of our favorite recipes to toast with – and to! Give one of these a try and share a favorite of your own in the comments below. Cheers! Sparkling Pomegranate Margaritas from Minimalist Baker Hot Vanilla Cider from Shutterbean Cranberry […]

Recipes: Post long run dinners for every hemisphere

Shrimp and white bean stew

After a long run where you have really depleted your system and need to refill your energy tanks, a good meal that is both satisfying and tastes great is essential to your recovery. What you eat depends on the season: after a long run in the summer, you crave something drastically different than the same […]

Pre-race meal: breakfast, for dinner

Pre-race meal: breakfast dinner

The morning of a race, I keep things simple – I mean a Clif Bar and a banana simple. I don’t even mess around with coffee. The night before though, instead of a heaping bowl of pasta, I fill up on what might typically seem like breakfast food, for dinner. Some of my choices include: Whole wheat pancakes […]

Recipe: summer berry-cherry smoothie

Recipe: summer berry smoothie

This summer, my husband and I vowed to drink more smoothies. We live at high altitude and the combination of thin air, heat and working out can cause some serious dehydration. Smoothies felt like the perfect remedy. Two days after we made this vow, our blender broke, of course. I only mention this as an […]

8 fast (and healthy) dinners for busy runners

Fast and healthy dinner recipes for runners

When life gets hectic, getting a healthy, delicious dinner on the table can be a challenge, and we can find ourselves once again feasting on fast or frozen foods. But dinner doesn’t have to be a headache – or a big production. All it takes is a little planning and one of these eight amazingly quick-to-prepare recipes. […]

Our 2014 vegetarian Thanksgiving recipe round-up

20 vegetarian recipes for Thanksgiving: Round-up 2014

I can’t believe we’re right up against Thanksgiving again. This year slipped away didn’t it? If you’re like me and surprised that Thanksgiving a few days away, you probably haven’t thought much about what to make for the big day or you’re planning on the same old same old. Either way, if you’re looking for […]

Fruit spotlight: (canned + fresh) tomatoes

All about tomatoes: recipes + nutrition facts

By this time of year, our CSA share is wrapping up for the season and we’re starting to rely more on canned foods and what we’ve preserved in our freezer. Tomatoes – canned especially – are a big part of our diet in the cold months, and for good reason. They contain one of the best sources […]