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The benefits of cold showers for runners

The benefits of cold showers for runners

Despite growing up in Northern Russia, my parents used to get me out of bed every morning by throwing me into a cold shower. While this may sound like some sort of medieval torture technique, they were doing it with good reason: cold showers were supposed to boost your immune system, and I was growing […]

Expert Q&A: post-half marathon recovery tips

Tips to help you recover from a half marathon

It’s the day after a half marathon and you are sore in places you’ve never been sore before. It’s time to focus on recovery! But what does this mean and what exactly should you do? We asked three coaches – Jason Saltmarsh, Theresa Kavouras, and Denny Krahe – to share their tips. And while there’s no one […]

The benefits of napping for runners

Naptime: the benefits of naps for runners

If you’ve never experienced the beauty of taking regular naps (or if you hated nap-time as child), it might be worth your while to (re)consider making napping a regular part of your day or week, especially before a workout. If you’re feeling tired, going for a run can help boost your alertness, but you’ll probably […]

Ice baths: help or hype

What's the deal with ice baths? Help or hype?

Ice baths were all the rage in the running community a few years ago. A Runner’s World article published in 2008 aid, “ice baths are one of the most effective ways to offset the damage done on a run”. But now the helpfulness of ice baths is being debated among running experts. Ice baths are […]

The benefits of sports massage

The Benefits of Sports Massage for Runners

Few things sound more wonderful to a runner’s sore and tired muscles than the word “massage”. Massage perks for runners Everyone knows a massage feels good on tight, overworked muscles. But massage therapy boasts many other benefits, including improved relaxation, enhanced flexibility, healthier blood pressure levels, and better athletic performance. According to the American Massage Therapy Association: […]

Post-marathon recovery plan


Your marathon training plan comes to an end with the completion of the race. But once you cross the finish line, another challenge begins: Recovery from the marathon. Recovery from a marathon is no easy feat. While it may be tempting to kick your feet up and relax in the days following your race, that’s not […]

More foam rolling exercises for runners

Foam rolling for runners: the hamstrings

With summer mileage on the increase, it’s time to pull out your trusty foam roller again. If you’re feeling the fatigue of your miles, foam rolling is the perfect partner to help work out some of those sticky spots. If you’re new to foam rolling start with the basics of foam rolling.  If you missed […]

5 training goals for fall that don’t include a marathon

Running goals for fall that don't include a marathon

As the summer comes to a close, many runners are in the height of fall marathon training — logging 20 milers, taking ice baths, carbo-loading, etc. But if you’re not one of these runners, it can be easy to feel left behind in all the mania. But, as we’ve said before, marathons aren’t the ultimate test for runners, and […]

Self massage techniques for athletes


Aches and pains. Even if you’re a seasoned runner or walker, you get them. And they can completely ruin your day. Massage – specifically deep tissue or sports massage – can help, but heading to your local spa or wherever else that offers these services can be costly. So, between sessions with licensed therapists, consider trying out […]

3 quick post-workout breakfasts for busy mornings


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day – especially if you do the bulk of your exercise in the morning. Regardless, too many of us continue to skimp or even skip this critical meal. There are a few tricks, however, that can change all that. With a little foresight, some smart recipes, and practice, […]