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You can do it! Don’t quit on your New Year’s resolutions, goals

Don't quit on your goals

“New year, new you!” Or so they say… While we all start off with the best of intentions, nearly 1 in 4 of us will abandon our New Year’s resolution by January 7, says the Washington Post. Yes, you read that right – January 7, i.e., TODAY. It’s one week into the year. Now, most of […]

Whatever your 2016 goal, we have an article for that

Tips for accomplishing your 2016 goals.

It’s a new year, and for many of us that means new goals – scary goals – but don’t get overwhelmed. We’re here to help! If your goal is … … to start running (YAY!) … Then the WalkJogRun Guide for Beginner Runners has you covered. It includes tips for training for your first race, selecting the right shoe, and more. Also, these commonly […]

Why you should forgo resolutions and set a theme for 2016 instead

The New Year offers a wonderful opportunity for a fresh start, a way to re-engage with the things that really matter to you.

It’s that time of year again. That time when we reflect on what we’ve accomplished and what we would like to aim for in the year ahead. A time of wild optimism for many and a boon for local gyms. But while it’s tempting to start resolving to run three times a week, finally train for […]

5 tips for sneaking in workouts throughout the day

5 tips for sneaking in workouts throughout the day

Exercising more and getting fit is a great goal for 2015. Getting into a new routine, however, can be tough and it’s easy to let life get in the way. Don’t despair – you can successfully accomplish your resolution by sneaking in workouts throughout the day. Use lunch. Try to fit in a sweat session at lunch. Those […]

Small (but effective) goals for runners for 2015

Small goals. Big results. Simple, attainable, and effective resolutions for runners.

The key to good resolution-making is choosing simple and specific goals that are both measurable and tangible. Keeping a positive attitude is another big factor on the path to success. And you don’t have to go all out, either. Here are a few small goals to fit onto your lists. Get a physical. Too often we […]

Beyond the PR: 2015 resolutions and goals for runners

Beyond the PR: Resolutions & Goals for Runners

My running buddies and I were talking about our 2015 goals the other day, when a friend asked me if I was going to try to break my marathon or half marathon PR. I’m not. Then I asked her the same question, and it got me thinking: Why are most running goals and resolutions based […]

How to plan your 2014 race schedule


A new year means a blank race calendar and many of us are eager to fill it up! While it’s tempting to register for every race out there, that’s not feasible for the majority of us. So grab a blank 2014 calendar, have your work and personal schedules handy, and use these tips to make […]

How to jumpstart your running in 2014


The problem with so many New Year’s Resolutions is that they’re too vague or too lofty. Say you’re a walker, but you want to run a marathon. That’s a great long-term goal, but making such a huge fitness leap within one year may be unrealistic. Instead it’s better to start small. Set smaller, more realistic […]