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Runner’s column: think inside the box

Think inside the box

On the last day of class, my linguistics professor proudly stated his farewell address. It was a hot and sticky afternoon in mid July. We were young twenty somethings looking forward to and secretly fearing our student teaching placements. He delivered his words with grace. “You are now guardians of the English language, gatekeepers responsible for maintaining the integrity and strength […]

Runner’s Column: gaining a sense of control over good vs. evil


Growing up, I had a fond fascination with the creepy, the crawly, the scaly and the macabre. I can’t blame my dad for feeding my mind with cheesy 80s creature features. Pirannah, Alligator, Critters, Godzilla … they all ended the same way, too. Some hero or anti-hero saved the girl, the family, the town, the world, and defeated the […]

Runner’s Column: Why I still run

A mother shares how running helped her return to feeling like herself - and making her life full - after children.

Most of them tell me that I’m crazy. I smile and shrug. But then there are the comments that sting. “Your kids are only this young once. Why are you wasting your precious energy and time training for a marathon?” Something strange happens as soon as you have a child. You become “mom”. This is […]