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I’m supposed to run but … I feel dehydrated (practical running advice)

I'm dehydrated ... should I run?

THE PROBLEM: If you wake up feeling excruciatingly thirsty, have a headache, and are kind of grumpy, you’re likely dehydrated. Symptoms of mild to moderate dehydration include: Thirst Headache Dizziness Weakness Sleepiness Feeling sluggish Dry mouth and skin Muscle cramps Constipation Not urinating as much as usual Dehydration happens when you lose more fluids through […]

Good hydration: The pros and cons of different drinks for running


Before a run, what do you fill your water bottle up with – water, a sports drink, coconut water? Runners know how important good hydration is. But with a host of beverage options to choose from, which is best for staying hydrated on the run? Well, that depends. Each beverage comes with its own benefits […]