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Running safety: see (and be seen) when running in the dark

Safety tips for running in the dark

It’s official: the light-filled days of summer have ended. Morning runners have likely noticed the sun doesn’t come up quite as early. Before too long, evening runners will be in the darkness, too. Running in the dark presents several challenges – the main one being you can’t see in front of you. If you’ve ever […]

Safety tips for beginner trail runners

Safety tips for beginner runners

Whether or not you’re new to running, hitting the trails is almost an entirely different sport. There’s totally different terrain to deal with, animals and insects, and – yes – even some tricky situations you might not expect. So, before you head on that gorgeous path in the wilderness, heed this advice. And if you’re looking for […]

10 ways to stay safe on early morning runs

running at night

“The early bird gets the worm.” I’ve always subscribed to this theory. I love running in the morning because I have fewer excuses at 6 a.m that will cause me to skip my run. But there is one big reason that used to stop me from running first thing in the morning: it’s dark. Running […]

Running safety: picking the safest route

Picking the right running route

Running with a buddy is one of the surest ways to stay safe on your daily loop. But if you prefer solo-jogs there are some smart things you can do to enjoy alone time all while staying out of harm’s way. We already have a number of safety tips on this site, but here are a […]

Spring running safety: a refresher


In the 12 or so years I’ve been running, I’ve encountered a variety of circumstances. Most of my runs go off without a hitch, and I plod along familiar paths without worry or hesitation. However, I have certainly experienced some of those roads less traveled. Roads I likely shouldn’t have gone down in the first […]