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The benefits of napping for runners

Naptime: the benefits of naps for runners

If you’ve never experienced the beauty of taking regular naps (or if you hated nap-time as child), it might be worth your while to (re)consider making napping a regular part of your day or week, especially before a workout. If you’re feeling tired, going for a run can help boost your alertness, but you’ll probably […]

The importance of good sleep for runners

the importance of sleep for runners

Sleep, as you’ve heard a million times, is crucial to your overall health. Getting less than 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night on a regular basis is linked to a whole bunch of unpleasant effects. And while it may be tempting to forego sleep in order to squeeze in a bit more running time, the effects […]

Marathon training and sleep needs

Tired? 8 quick ways to boost your energy TODAY

Tempo runs, track workouts, long runs – check! Race registration – complete! Shiny, new running shoes – purchased! But when getting everything in order for race day, don’t neglect one vital training tool: sleep. Why you need to catch your zzz’s I don’t think we need to argue why sleep is important – everyone knows […]