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Study: health benefits of running only 6 miles/week

You don't need to run a marathon to get the benefits of running. Simply running 6/week is enough to see a difference.

In an age where it seems like everyone on your Facebook feed is completing marathons and Ironman triathlons, a new study comes with good news for those of us who don’t have the time, energy, or desire to train for long distance events. You don’t have to run a marathon In the study published in […]

Study: have more fun with running, lose weight

have more fun with running to lose weight

I saw a news headline the other day that I couldn’t ignore: If you want to lose weight from running, have more fun. It sounds almost too simple to be true, but the research makes sense. In short, scientists at Cornell University did a series of experiments. Two groups of people were asked to take […]

Study: Think twice before you take Vitamins C and E

vitamins C and E in supplement form may reduce runners’ fitness gains from workouts

Experts have long said it’s best to meet your nutritional needs through diet alone. Still, the supplement market is hot. Many of us turn to supplements thinking they’ll help our health. But more research keeps coming out that says some supplements don’t have any value. And, worse, some research has found that certain supplements interfere […]