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Heat exhaustion and heat stroke in runners

Running during the summer has a plethora of benefits – extra light, runner’s tans, not having to bundle up in a million layers, etc. – but there is one downfall for many runners: The heat. In these dog days of summer everyone, it’s important to be extra vigilant about the power of the suns powerful rays. From protective layers, […]

Top 5 picks for summer running gear

picks for summer running gear

We’re in the middle of those long summer days that we’ll be wishing for fondly come January. Every day is sunny, warm, and it sometimes seems like there’s light no matter what time you head out for your run. To celebrate these blissful days of summer, we’ve compiled a list of five of our favorite […]

Can’t take the heat? How to cool off your run

Stay cool: running on hotter-than-hot days

We had our first week of hot weather last week. And my workouts certainly suffered as a result. I’m the type of runner who lets heat and humidity box me in. No, seriously. I actually feel claustrophobic when the temperatures climb and the sweat starts rolling down my face. So, I’ve adapted my routine over […]

Transitioning to summer running


This past weekend it was an unseasonably balmy 85 degrees in my part of the Carolinas. Thankfully, this was a fluke and our weather has since returned to more spring-like temperatures. But it was just the warning we needed to realize that summer is just around the corner. Which got me thinking about – you […]

Running in the heat: a northern girl’s tricks

running in summer

A post about running in the heat of summer? You might think now in mid-July we’re late to the game on this one, but hear me out. I’m a northern girl and have only recently acclimated to the 90+ degree temperatures and swampy, humidity levels. So, if you’re anything like me, a few tips might […]