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5 things runners obsess about during race week – and how to stop

Stop obsessing: 5 things runners tend to overthink in the week leading up to race day

Many successful runners are slightly obsessive. It’s the trait that gives us the self-discipline needed to stick with training plans, watch our diet, and track our progress. But in the week before a race, when our physical and mental energy sits idle as we cutback on miles, that obsessive-ness can become our worst enemy – driving everyone (including […]

Taming the taper crazies

Skipping the big race for the local race

Throughout training, most runners look forward to the taper – the last two or three weeks before the race when you drastically cut back on mileage and intensity. Tapering is good for you. It allows your body to recover from the demands of training to ensure you’re ready to go on race day. But with […]