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Holiday recipe round-up 2015: entrees

Entrees and main dishes: recipe round-up 2015

After the drinks and apps it’s on to the main course. Try one of these entrees at your next holiday gathering or share a favorite of your own in the comments below. White Lentil Risotto with Mushrooms from My New Roots Comfort Spinach Egg Casserole from Noshing with the Nolands Roasted Squash + Chestnut Sauté and […]

Our 2014 vegetarian Thanksgiving recipe round-up

20 vegetarian recipes for Thanksgiving: Round-up 2014

I can’t believe we’re right up against Thanksgiving again. This year slipped away didn’t it? If you’re like me and surprised that Thanksgiving a few days away, you probably haven’t thought much about what to make for the big day or you’re planning on the same old same old. Either way, if you’re looking for […]

Sources of iron for vegetarians and vegans


As a vegetarian athlete, I’ve always paid close attention to my diet to ensure I get a proper mix of nutrients. For the longest time, I heard from everyone around me the best bet for getting iron in my diet was red meat. Even during my pregnancy, my family urged me to add steaks and […]

Spotlight: Eggs


There are lots of foods athletes should incorporate into their diets, but I’d say chief among them are eggs. Runner’s World includes eggs in their 15 best foods for runners list – so you know they have to be good for you. And if you’ve followed the Paleo diet that is sweeping the nation – along with any […]