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The benefits of long walks for runners

The benefits of long walks for runners

Much like meditation, walking forces you to slow down and allows your mind and body to move without stress. Runners may scoff at the idea of walking as “cardio” – that it’s not worth their time – but the physical and mental benefits of long – 45 minute- plus – leisurely walks cannot be overstated. […]

All about race walking

race walking | photo US Army, CC license

Race walking (not to be confused with speed walking or power walking) is a technique used by walkers and runners who are looking to increase their speed and endurance. It’s also a long distance athletic event in the Olympics with 20K, 50K, and 50-mile events. So, whether you’re looking to learn ways to walk faster or farther […]

Dealing with walking pain

dealing with walking pain

A lot of emphasis is placed on preventing and healing running injuries. However, walkers also experience a variety of aches and pains both big and small through the sport. Walking – like running – entails impact and repetitive motion, so it’s important walkers pay attention to tweaks and twinges as they happen. Here are some […]

Dance-walk for exercise, stress relief

Have you heard of dance-walking? I sure hadn’t. Then one of my friends mentioned it to me as a topic that might be interesting to cover on this site. I Googled around and was soon hooked on the idea! It all started a couple years ago when television personality Ben Aaron’s posted this funny You […]

How many steps do you take each day?

You can't do it all in training - and that's OK!

How many steps do you take each day? If you’re anything like me, the answer might surprise you. In 2001, Surgeon General Dr. David Satcher called upon Americans to add “30 minutes of moderate intensity activity each day ON TOP of your customary daily activities.” In so many calculations, this means we should all shoot […]

Where to Get Your Walk On

walking in the winter

It’s a fact of fall: The mornings and evenings are only going to get darker from now on. The temperatures are going to cool to cold and the weather is going to get, at times, less than desirable, especially for plodding around on sidewalks. Whereas runners have relatively few options for Plan B jogging locations, […]