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How to prevent weight gain when you cut back on running

With no big races scheduled until the fall, I’m currently in the middle of an off season. I keep my runs short, ignore my pace, and aim for “only” about 20 miles per week. After running three marathons last fall, I’m really enjoying this break! However, there’s one thing I’m not too happy about. It’s a […]

Why do I gain weight during marathon training?


Whenever I tell someone that I’m training for a marathon, I get two responses: “you’re crazy!” or “you’re lucky – you must be able to eat whatever you want.” The first remark is definitely true. But the second? Not so much. Training for a marathon doesn’t mean you can neglect your diet, nor is it a […]

Will losing weight make me a faster runner?

Will losing weight me run faster?

We’ve covered a bit about how to balance training with weight loss, how to run for weight loss, and even how running helps when we overeat. Still, if you’re trying to lose weight … after all the healthy eating, cross-training, and weight lifting is over, that magic question every runner asks (out loud or not) […]