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How can you tell if you’re a ‘real’ runner? Avoid the click-bait and just look in the mirror

If you run, you're a real runner. Period. The end.

Click-bait has taken over the Internet –  or at least, my Facebook feed. I’m constantly taunted by articles like, “You know you’re a real runner when you …”  or “10 ways to tell a serious runner from a non-serious runner.” Too much chum in the water, if you ask me. Because if you lace up your shoes, lean […]

Runner’s Column: Why I still run

A mother shares how running helped her return to feeling like herself - and making her life full - after children.

Most of them tell me that I’m crazy. I smile and shrug. But then there are the comments that sting. “Your kids are only this young once. Why are you wasting your precious energy and time training for a marathon?” Something strange happens as soon as you have a child. You become “mom”. This is […]