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Long distance walking races are much harder than you think


Long distance walking races are a bit of an unsung phenomenon in most parts of the world – and an absolutely fascinating one at that. When runners hear about the concept of a long-distance walk, they typically go, “Psh, that sounds easy.” But talk to someone who’s completed one (or tried to) and you realize […]

The benefits of long walks for runners

The benefits of long walks for runners

Much like meditation, walking forces you to slow down and allows your mind and body to move without stress. Runners may scoff at the idea of walking as “cardio” – that it’s not worth their time – but the physical and mental benefits of long – 45 minute- plus – leisurely walks cannot be overstated. […]

Bust through a walking plateau

Bust through a walking a plateau.

You’ve been walking regularly for a while now, and you even have your favorite routes burned into your memory. But something isn’t working like it use to with regard to weight loss or other milestones. Unfortunately, even the best of us hit plateaus with our exercise routines. The good news is that busting out isn’t as […]

Extended walk/run workouts (60 minutes)

Extended walk run workouts

Taking regular walking “breaks” in the middle of a running workout is a wonderful way to increase distance or time on your feet – they can even make you race faster. Whether you’re new to running or just looking to advance your routine, any movement forward is the way to go. And the run/walk method in […]

Is walking with weights effective?

is walking with weights good or bad for you

We know strength training is a wonderful complement to a regular cardiovascular routine, and you may have even seen a fellow walker strolling along with hand or ankle weights – attempting to get all the benefits with one convenient workout. But is walking with weights good way to enhance your workout or, conversely, a disaster waiting […]

Add intervals to your walking routine

Walking intervals: speed and hill

You don’t need to run to torch some major calories and get a huge cardiovascular benefit. In fact, if you’ve been feeling sort of stagnant about walking lately, consider this: Researchers studied a group of overweight women and had them do 45-minute speed-interval walking workouts and toning exercises four times a week. In the end, […]

How to stop taking walk breaks during your runs


Taking walk breaks mid-run can be a great thing. You may even be able to cover a longer distance, in a shorter amount of time with walk breaks than without them. However, that’s a big “may”. If you started running using a run-walk method, such as Jeff Galloway’s popular training approach, you may wonder, “Could […]

All about race walking

race walking | photo US Army, CC license

Race walking (not to be confused with speed walking or power walking) is a technique used by walkers and runners who are looking to increase their speed and endurance. It’s also a long distance athletic event in the Olympics with 20K, 50K, and 50-mile events. So, whether you’re looking to learn ways to walk faster or farther […]

Dealing with walking pain

dealing with walking pain

A lot of emphasis is placed on preventing and healing running injuries. However, walkers also experience a variety of aches and pains both big and small through the sport. Walking – like running – entails impact and repetitive motion, so it’s important walkers pay attention to tweaks and twinges as they happen. Here are some […]

6 places to walk this spring


Spring is finally here, which means those walks for fitness will be much more pleasant. Thing is, after months upon months of being stuck on treadmills snow-covered sidewalks, even a short walk can still feel like a chore. So, it’s time to break out of this cycle and find love for putting one foot in […]