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WalkJogRun guide to summer running

Welcome to the WalkJogRun summer running guide! From hydration basics to sun safety tips to no-cook recipes, we’ve got your hot weather running (and recovery) needs covered. This guide will continue to grow throughout the summer, so check back often and let us know any topics you’d like to see.

Beat the heat

common-summer-running-problems-and-solutionsFeatured post: Running in summer heat and humidity can be dreadful. Here are some ways to avoid and treat common hot weather problems. Read more.

hydration-for-athletes-how-much-water-you-needHydration 101
Drink up and stay safe in the heat.
sun-safety-for-runnersAvoid the burn
Become a sun-savvy runner.
summer-treadmill-workout-ideasEscape the heat
And get faster with our treadmill tricks.
hydration-on-the-run-drinking-waterFill ‘er up
Water bottle and hydration system basics.
summer-running-playlistRunning playlist
Summer running had me a blast.
best-sunscreen-for-runnersSunscreen Reviews 
Check out the best sunscreens for runners.
unique-summer-racesUnique races
Try something new this summer.
dangers-of-summer-runningRunning dangers
Running in the summer has its risks.
treadmill-workoutsTreadmill workouts
More options to make the treadmill less dreadful.
summer-running-with-dogsSummer dogs
Run with your four-legged pal this summer.
hot-weather-tricksHeat tricks
Don’t let the hot weather bring you down.
beach-runningBeach running
Dos and donts of running on the sand.
tips-for-running-on-vacationVacation running
Making running fun in a new location is the goal.
transitioning to summer runningPrep for summer
Tips to transition to summer running.

Summer fuel

Five-tips-for-healthier-summer-saladsFeatured post: Salads as a meal and not just a side dish can be a challenge. These tricks make them a filling and delicious summer dinner. Read more.

summertime-avocado-pastaSummertime pasta
Lightened up avocado-basil, rice pasta recipe.
rehydrate-with-a-jalapeno-seltzerJalapeño seltzer
Rehydrate with this spicy, refreshing drink.
A healthy smoothie for summer mornings.
vegan-overnight-oats-summer-breakfastOvernight oats
A cool summer alternative to hot oatmeal.
rehydrate-with-pickle-popsiclesPickle juice pops
Rehydrate and cool down with these salty ice pops.
aqua-frescaAgua Fresca
Freshen up with this watermelon, chia seed drink.
vegetarian-taco-saladsTaco salad
This vegetarian taco salad is perfect for hot nights.
chia-seeds-powerhousePre-run hydration
This chia seed powerhouse prepares you to sweat.
southwestern-pasta-saladSouthwestern pasta
An old summer standby with a southwestern twist.
watermelon-cucumber-popsicleWatermelon popsicles
Watermelon and cucumber help replenish and rehydrate.