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Protect your hair and skin when running this winter

Protect your hair and skin from dry, cold air this winter

All too often, I have sat down in my hairdresser’s chair in March or April after the winter training season only to have him cluck and tell me I have to say goodbye to a few good inches of dried ends. Well, not again – it’s not too late to prevent damage to hair and skin by the […]

Foods to keep you energized and running all winter


‘Tis the season for dark mornings, dark evenings, and grey days in between, with sleet, snow, and rain trying to prevent us from sticking to our training plans. But even if you’re one of the brave ones – a runner who dares to take on the elements, full of grit and determination – you’ll still have days when you […]

How to run less without sacrificing your speed in the winter


We’re in a new year! And, unfortunately for us fair weather runners, we’re also in the two darkest, coldest months of the year. I find this season the most challenging when it comes to running. There are no birds chirping like in spring, no 5:30 a.m. sunrises as in summer, and no colorful leaves crunching […]

Training for an obstacle or mud run through the winter

Training for an obstacle run through the winter

Obstacle runs – like Tough Mudder and Warrior Dash – are tempting for many runners because they offer us a chance to pursue a drastically different kind of training, one that runners are normally not used to. It’s great to have a reason for doing strength training beyond just cross-training, and it’s a wonderful way to get […]

Winter is coming, be ready

Preparing for winter running, now

Many runners say they dread winter and that the coldest months of the year are usually when they run the least or – gasp! – hit the treadmill. But don’t psych yourself out – psych yourself up! Winter running doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Mentally preparing for winter starts now, before the last leaves fall on […]

Are the shorter days making you feel sluggish? Consider light therapy.

The benefits of light therapy for runners

  As the days get shorter, it can be challenging to find daylight hours to squeeze our runs into. While running in the dark can be an interesting experience, the lack of sun causes many of us to feel sluggish and lethargic. Studies show it also disrupts our sleep quality, lowers our mood, and reduces our desire for physical […]

Additional considerations for winter running

Additional considerations for winter running

We’ve shared what to wear when it’s cold and how to run on slick surfaces when the weather gets tough. Here are a few more things to consider when running this winter: Skin issues. I don’t know about you, but my usually oily skin turns absolutely arid this time of year. Running doesn’t help much either. In fact, jogging […]

How to warm up after a cold run

How to warm up after a cold run

We know a lot of you are hardcore runners. The cold, wind, sleet, or snow won’t stop many of you from running outside. Nor should it. Contrary to what your mom may have said, spending time out in cold will not give you a cold. The common cold is caused by a virus, just like […]

Don’t give up on running this winter

Don't give up on running this winter

We’ve cranked the thermostat up, put on all sorts of extra layers, and swapped our athletic shorts for fleece-lined tights. Buckle up, my dear runner friends, it’s going to be a long, slippery ride. But as many of us breathe that collective sigh of utter disdain for cold and snowy weather plodding, I implore you […]

20 reasons why running in the snow is the BEST

20 reasons why running in the snow is the BEST.

Snow is here. And it looks like this winter will be just like the last. Instead of pricing our treadmills and winter gym memberships, consider making the best of the frozen wonderland. Play detective: Follow footsteps and see where they lead. Are they human? Feline? How and why did they suddenly disappear? Snowy Snapchat: Leave a fading trail […]