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All about Kettlebells


Overwhelmed by all the gym options? You’re not alone. Our new series will help you understand what all those random things are — and how to use them.  Whenever I venture into the weights part of the gym, I get rather intimidated. There are usually a bunch of guys and a few buff gals with […]

Make winter your fittest season yet


It’s happened: the first snowfall of the season. Yesterday my outdoor thermometer didn’t rise into 30 degree territory. It now starts getting dark before 5 p.m. The holiday decorations are up, the ovens are preheated for baking cookies, and people all around me have gone into hibernation-mode. I don’t necessarily mind outdoor running this time […]

Running in the snow, sleet, and ice


So, we’ve covered running in the dark, the best temperatures for running, and jogging in the wind. We’ve even looked at some common winter running excuses and how to blast them. But what combines the vast majority of these situations? Winter storms. They’re on the horizon, and running through the snow, sleet, and ice can […]