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Yoga for Runners: A new ebook from WalkJogRun now available on iBooks

You’ve probably experienced it before, someone mentions you need to try yoga and you find yourself feeling a mix of dread and skepticism. You’re a runner, flexibility isn’t really your thing, and you’d much rather hit the pavement than the mat.

But what if there is something to this age-old practice that might improve your training, sharpen your mind, and reduce the risk of injuries? Is your skepticism suddenly mixed with intrigue and curiosity?

Yoga can be the perfect complement to any training schedule. While running works to strengthen, yoga counter-balances to lengthen: It’s the perfect yin to running’s yang.

If you’re new to yoga, this book will help you get started with a practice, find the right style for you, and show you specific runner-friendly moves you can integrate pre- or post-run. The poses are simple—although we do include a few intermediate-to-advanced options. Remember to always listen to your own body, go at your own pace, and back off if something becomes too intense. In addition, as with any new exercise program, you should check with your doctor before beginning.

Download_on_iBooks_Badge_US-UK_110x40_090513Only available on the iPad.

Sample pages from “Yoga for Runners”